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City Beat News – May 2016

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‘If you’re looking for a special dining experience and a place to kick back and relax, Incognito is the place for you’……..read more

The New York Post

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‘I had many terrific dishes throughout my three-hour-long feast, but I think my favorites were all among the most Scottish selections’………read more

incognito bistro at Trip Advisor

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Italian food!! Is there anything better!!
‘The pasta, the luscious sauces, spices, homemade and recipes and ingredients..
That family feeling of being taken care of, nourished and nurtured’……read more

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Incognito launches Sunday Brunch………read more

October 2014
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February 2014

ON CBS RADIO – December 8th 2013
‘Chefs tasting menu’……..hear more

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“A simple pea soup, with nothing more than peas, vegetable broth, and seasoning, a drizzle of olive oil, and rosemary croutons, was delicious”……..read more

“This is probably the only restaurant in New York City where you can enjoy traditional risotto and haggis. Both of which are superb”……..read more
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“Next time I even think about making a similar lasagna at home, I plan to skip that work and come to Incognito Bistro instead”……..read more
“Each and every dish was exquisite and there’s still so many more dishes to try! We know we’ll be back for more”………read more
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“Incognito’s dishes, atmosphere, and service reflect a steadfast commitment to quality, warmth, and authenticity”……..read more
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“The award-winning Incognito Bistro may be tucked away inconspicuously in the Flatiron district of New York City, but it’s not staying hidden very well, and if you have the chance to try it you’ll see why”………read more
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‘Incognito’s self-identification as a “Roman bistro with Scottish flair” may at first seem perplexing, but the tagline is the perfect way to describe the dining experience at this charming eatery’………read more
‘Incognito Bistro is also the only restaurant in the USA to showcase and outfit their staff with the Clan Italia Tartan, which was created by designer Michael Lemetti to honor the 60,000 Scottish Italians living in Scotland……….read more’
‘But the pièce de résistance was the filet mignon with black peppercorns, cognac and cream’……….read more
‘a Sottish-Italian fusion restaurant in the Flatiron District, which was new to me. Aside from loving Italian food, I’ve never yet imagined a melding of these two cultures, especially on a plate. I was in for a treat, as the evening took my palate on a most unusual and delicious, journey’……….read more
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‘Paolo plays a straight bat with the beef carpaccio, served not quite raw, with a classic rucola-Parmesan garnish, lifting the plate with a distracting drizzle of truffle essence’……….read more
‘One particularity of the restaurant is that it is the only one in New York City to showcase the Italian Tartan from designer Michael Lemetti, that brings together the Italian and Scottish cultures, there are more than 60,000 Scottish with Italian roots in Scotland’………..read more
‘Chef Montana does not hide in his kitchen. Given his outgoing personality and dry Scottish humor, he loves recommending the night’s options, and mingling with diners’………..read more
‘Don’t be afraid of the word “Haggis!” You’re not afraid of the word sausage, are you? It’s made out of the same stuff’……….read more
‘New York has always been an amazing restaurant town, but It surprised me to no end, when we discovered a fist class, affordable relatively-undiscovered in the Flatiron District, with the unlikely name of Incognito Bistro’………..read more
ON CBS RADIO – August 27th 2013
‘Show me an Italian restaurant serving haggis and I’ll show you one owned by Scottish-Italians’……….read more
‘All the horrible things you may have heard about haggis will disappear with one bite of the “Highland haggis,” which turns out to be almost a variation on Shepherd’s pie’……….read more
‘Each bite was delightful and Chef Paolo’s mastery became immediately clear. I was very excited to see what else he had prepared for the evening’……….read more
‘As much as i loved the food and my friends, i love my new friend, Chef Paolo Montana…does he make everyone feel that way?’……….read more