Life after incognito

Although Paolo misses having his own restaurant – he has found – Life after incognito bistro. First he slept – a lot! Then he spent time at the beach. He allowed other people to cook for him! And spends random nights out dining. Now he is offering his superb skills as a chef to NYC Whether for a small family …

Healthy, Decadent Summer Food at incognito

When food is super healthy and good for you, can it taste rich and decadent too? At incognito that is yes and yes. Paolo introduces two new summer dishes: Watermelon, Rucola, Almond, Pomegranate & Graded Ricotta Salad. Roasted Scottish Salmon Fillet on a bed of Asparagus Puree Risotto No butter, no cream, just delicious!

Italian White Truffles

Tis the season for truffles and we dont mean chocolate! From the North of Italy we had a full truffle menu. Each course was served with thin slices of the decadent and preferred white truffle.  

Thanksgiving Cocktails

As we get ready for Thanksgiving we are thinking of a lot of food and our menus – here at incognito we are also thinking of what to drink – here is what Paolo came up with!

Paolo’s Musing

Paolo has lots to say when it comes to food – the most important thing to remember – be true to your tastes and keep it simple! For those of you who dont know Paolo – he is all about soccer and food – here he is in full splendor talking about our just made soup of the day – …