Life after incognito – The life of a Private Chef

Since incognito bistro Paolo is still cooking. Here is a synopsis of – The life of a Private Chef Here he is on the grill for an end of summer BBQ. At the farmers market picking the best seasonal produce for a clients dinner party. For the month of October he is the private chef for the British Ambassador, his …

Join us for the Fall Season

Join us for the season, Paolo has lots of treats for you to enjoy. Our Roasted Plum Tomato & Tuscan Bread Soup Served on the bone, our Braised Beef Short Ribs. Pumpkin Risotto on a moat of Pumpkin Puree. Being we are open all day and have free WiFi, when you need a coffee – go incognito. With our All …

Paolo Montana – Surviving a Broken Life

People always want to know who is cooking for them, what’s their hosts background. Paolo was always ashamed of his sad, loveless childhood. As he turns 50, next month, he is starting to tell his story. The Platform Magazine – featured Paolo and his story in this months issue. Glasgow, Scotland 1968, Paolo was left in the street by his …

Fall at incognito

Our seasonal tree is letting us know it’s Fall already – soon we will have our delicious Short Ribs, Butternut Squash Ravioli, White Truffles and many other seasonal specials. Enjoy the season – go incognito.

The 4th of July week.

In celebration of the 4th of July we are closing for a week – 1 – 8 July. We will be open for dinner Monday 8th July at 4pm – see you all then and have a wonderful week.