Italian Fare with Scottish Flair
Celebrating their Scottish-Italian roots,
Paolo & Adriana bring the first Italian Tartan Plaid to the USA.

Did you know that the largest ethnic group in Scotland are the Italians and that 100,000 Scottish Italians live in Scotland?

To honor this impressively large population as well as the Italians’ sweeping influence on the Scots, a brand new Tartan plaid has been born. Marrying the romantic Italian culture with the humor of the Scots, designer Michael Lemetti has created a plaid to represent both cultures. It is the first approved ethnic tartan in Scotland, which was registered with the Scottish Tartan Authorities (yes, there really is such an organization!) as well as approval from the Italian government.

The only restaurant in New York City (the first in the USA) to showcase this new fashion accessory is incognito bistro. Although we serve mostly classic Italian dishes, the restaurant proudly pays homage to Robert Burns Night in the Winter, and Tartan Week in New York in the Spring.

Happily embracing Clan Italia, we are outfitting our staff with Clan Italia Tartan ties, as well as showcasing swags of Clan Italia tartan on the walls.

Designer Lemetti has outfitted celebrities like Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli,
and even Pope Benedict XVI.
If you are scared of kilts there is always tartan trousers!
Incognito takes Clan Italia to the NYC Tartan Day Parade
We have Clan Italia ties, scarves and ipad covers for sale for those of you who want to be
Scottish & Italian.
For more on Clan Italia go to
Read more about Scots Italians with Italian Scotland Magazine


In 2013 we were awarded the seal of ‘Ospitalita Italiana‘ authenticating us as a quality Italian restaurant by the Italian government.