Italian Fare with Scottish Flair
This husband and wife team, Paolo Montana and Adriana Moretti are both from Glasgow, Scotland. Both Scottish-Italian.


– Paolo Montana
“As a 14 year old, with no parental figure, my first boss Renato Paladini, was my hero, the way he dressed, the way he was. He was a perfectionist but fair to his staff. He gave me my first opportunity and I found both a sense of family and my true calling”

At age 4 Paolo was an orphan, left in the street, with his two sisters, by his troubled single mother. He was brought up in the cruel, loveless institutions of Scotland. His way out of it, to work full time by the age of 14. He started in a high end Italian restaurant where he learned the very best of old school dining, from flambe and carving roasts at the table, to learning all about wine. He applied himself and by the age of 24 became GM and Executive Chef of one of the best Italian restaurants in Glasgow, his career took off.

One of 100,000 Scottish-Italians in Scotland, his first and chosen food is always, back to basics Italian. The combo of his Roman roots and the struggle to get out of his childhood, makes working hard at something he believes in, second nature. His background in high end cuisine is engrained in him, he brings classic elegance to incognito.
For 10 years Paolo was the GM/Executive Chef of Da Umberto in Chelsea NYC.
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– Adriana Moretti
“Growing up my parents were struggling to ‘make it’ while we rarely had hot water and the house was always cold, dad would spend money on delicious food and my mum original art. We ate like kings in beautiful surroundings. Priorities I have adopted. “

Adriana comes from a restaurant family. Her dad, Eligio Moretti, brought up in a farming community in the hills of Piemonte, Italy, moved to Scotland when he was 21. He, like Paolo, worked his way up, eventually becoming the restaurant manger of the top A La Carte restaurant at the famed Gleneagles Hotel. A Master Sommelier, he took his family around Europe eating at the finest Michelin star restaurants of the 70s + 80s.
He went on to open his own Italian Bistro in Glasgow, Scotland, which was a huge success and the original concept of incognito.

Her mother, a prominent interior designer & artist Patricia Moretti – the great great niece of the famous Pre Raphelite painter – Albert Moore brought art, creativity and beauty to her family.
Adriana, having worked with both parents, working her dads restaurant at night, while designing with her mum during the day. Uses her degree in Multimedia Technology, dealing with all the social media, PR and anything to do with front of house.

At any given moment while Paolo is thinking of the food and service,
Adriana is thinking about the feel and look of the place.


On July 2011 they opened incognito.
The Mission Statement – to offer delicious Italian cuisine in sumptuous, elegant surroundings.
The decor, old school glamour with a modern twist. Black & white photos from the 1920s are mixed in with large modern pieces of original art and the painted columns all done by Adriana’s mother, Patricia Moretti, bringing the strong modern touch they needed with the Scottish connection they wanted. They celebrate their Scottish beginnings with holidays like Burns Night and the Tartan Day Parade. Also around the restaurant and in the ties worn by the waitstaff, is the official Italian Tartan – Clan Italia.

The menu: light tasty, modern Italian cuisine. The menus are easy and accessible, with many options, people can come everyday for lunch, dinner, nibbles or just drinks and also consider it the best place for very special occasions.
Adriana designed the space so the customer can make it as formal or causal as they want,
while Paolo makes sure the food is consistently delectable.